For a secure commercial or industrial site, the ability to easily and confidently monitor the exact movement of people, vehicles and materials in and out of your site is of crucial importance. An access control system acts as the first line of defence in your electronic security system.

Access control systems aren’t limited to doors. The Securcom team has installed access control elements which enable our clients to reliably and accurately track movement at gates, turnstiles and even elevators.

Our expert technicians work with a wide range of systems, which include features such as:

  • Proximity recognition
  • SmartCard/MiFare swipecard readers
  • Key operated doors
  • Digital keypads
  • High-end biometric identification systems

Access control systems can be paired with either a nearby computer or operate as a stand-alone unit.

We are proud to have installed access control systems for a number of institutions across Queensland. These include hospitals, police stations, courthouses, universities and detention centres, ranging from single door installations to complex multi-door systems.

If your existing access control system is not performing reliably or you suspect a fault, our team can be on site within hours to diagnose and fix the problem.

To learn more about Securcom reliable access control systems, please contact us at 1300 539 239.