At Securcom, we understand electronic security better than anyone else. Visual confirmation of alarm system protection makes buildings a much less appealing target for criminals. Such criminal activity costs commercial and industrial sectors millions of dollars a year, and the sad truth is that much of these losses are preventable with a greater focus on building security. In service every single minute of every single day, the question is whether your business can afford a lack of protection.

Our alarm systems are not designed to simply make noise if your property has been compromised. With back-to-base central monitoring, law enforcement agencies can be mobilised just moments after a Securcom alarm system has been tripped. This process efficiency increases both the likelihood of suspect apprehension and reduces their window of opportunity for damage or theft.

Securcom has installed intruder detection systems for clients of all scales, most notably in the commercial sector, but also for government organisations. This is a true indication of the quality, integrity and professionalism of Securcom services.

We have many years of top level alarm system installation and service. All of our products supported by Securcom are subject to the most thorough in-house testing, so if we are not totally confident in the features and the reliability of an alarm system, we won’t sell it. It’s that simple. Whether you’re looking to protect a single floor or a whole office building, Securcom can design an alarm system to meet your exact requirements.

To learn more about Securcom alarm system solutions, please contact us at 1300 539 239.