When you’re unable to watch over your home or business, a closed circuit television (CCTV) network can do it for you. Securcom has a wealth of experience installing and servicing CCTV systems; our systems include full integration with access management systems, with matrix switchers, multiplexers and digital recording based platforms. CCTV technology never tires – it’s always there, keeping an eye out for your interests while the world sleeps, monitoring, recording and keeping your home or business safe.

A network of CCTV cameras represents great value – not only for the potential savings in avoiding having to repair damaged buildings and replace stolen goods, but also for your overall peace of mind. In addition, the technology behind CCTV has also advanced significantly over recent years. Gone are the days of blurry footage. You can now opt for high definition video which helps to safeguard your site much more effectively than the closed circuit television options of previous years.

We are accredited partners with the suppliers of the most advanced and highest quality CCTV equipment in the world. We also offer our clients a comprehensive repair and maintenance suite – our reliable technicians are always ready to receive a service call from a client.

We are proud to have installed IP CCTV surveillance systems for a number of high profile clients across the region. Satisfied customers included the Department of Correction and Juvenile Justice, along with many other governmental installations. The Securcom team also has an exemplary reputation for commercial and industrial CCTV installations, and have worked closely with a number of shopping centres and factories.

To learn more about Securcom CCTV services, please contact us at 1300 539 239.