Effective perimeter security can be broken down into two main elements – prevention and detection:

Prevention: This often refers to an electric perimeter, which actively dissuades potential intruders from gaining access to your property. Fencing of this nature will stop all but the most dedicated intruders from gaining access. The electric fencing we offer comes with adjustable voltages across the fence perimeter, enabling you to switch to “high” at particularly important sites or to “low” for areas or periods of lower risk. Active day or night, a preventative security fence is a proven way to reduce the vulnerability of your business.

Detection: This type of perimeter fencing is often used in conjunction with preventative electric security fencing. Through state of the art technologies for vibration and movement detection, you will be made aware of an intrusion attempt as it’s happening, so that you can act efficiently and appropriately. All the while, the intruder will be unaware that their attempts are being monitored.

We offer our security fencing solutions in conjunction with Gallagher, one of the international authorities in perimeter security. Courtesy of Gallagher’s Command Centre, we are able to manage full integration between your perimeter fencing and a host of other security measures, including access control and video management systems. You will also be able to continually measure and report on a wide range of metrics, from voltage levels to wire tensions.

No matter your needs or requirements, Securcom can help design the best solution to protect your premises. With in-depth real-time system management, networking with video technology and ongoing repair and maintenance, your perimeter security is fully reliable with Securcom and Gallagher.
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